• Survey:  Interested in Being a Candidate for the MOSPRA Board or Serving on a MOSPRA Committee?

    (October 6, 2016)  Two years ago we surveyed members to see who would be interested in one day serving as a MOSPRA Board member and/or serving on a MOSPRA committee.  For good or bad, that list has changed significantly in just a short time as members have moved on from their positions or have taken on duties that prevent them from serving.  That being said, we are asking again!  Please take the short survey at this link and let us know if you want to be more active in your state association.

    This year MOSPRA will elect new directors for each of the four regions and a new treasurer (this is a two-year position).  The Treasurer must be in the Eastern Region as that individual needs to check our PO Box regularly and it is housed in Creve Couer (St. Louis).